Restoril (Temazepam)

Temazepam is used to treat insomnia symptoms, such as trouble falling or staying asleep.
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How Restoril is beneficial for the users

About Restoril

Restoril functions by producing drowsiness and it slows down the functioning of central nervous system. Restoril helps the patients to fall asleep with great ease. Restlesness arises among people due to insufficient sleep and makes them quite uncomfortable.This drug helps overcome the sleep disorder among patients. The formulation of the pills is a benzodiazepine or temzepam. Keeping the nerves of the brain by influencing the chemical of brain, it is the best treatment of insomnia. It is one of the best way of treating the patients that show symptoms of insomnia.

Restoril is a very good source of getting rid of restlessness and for treating conditions like having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep.The benefit of medicine is that it provides relaxation to your nerves and the central brain system for making you sleep.

How to use Restoril?

Always consult your doctor prior taking Restoril.It is an oral medicine that can be taken with or without food. The doctors mostly suggests to take before going to bed and the dosage should not be more than the doctor’s advice. The user have to be very careful in taking the restoril. About the dosage the patient needs to follow the instructions of the doctors in each and every condition. Usually the dosage is based on the response to the treatment, age, medical condition and some other important factors.

Side Effects of the Restoril

Offering the normal sleep it is the best treatment of insomnia. But like any other medicine the continuous use of the drug can cause various side effects in the patients. Do not take medicine until you have decided to go to sleep. It will provide the at least seven to eight hours sleep to them. Waking up before 7 to 8 hours means you may have to face a short term memory loss.

  • Produces temporary short-term memory loss
  • Can cause shakiness, nervousness, stomach cramps, flushing, vomiting and nausea if you suddenly, stop taking the medicine.
  • Majority of the patients have to face the withdrawal reactions. For preventing the withdrawal reactions, you must have to reduce the dosage gradually with the consultation of doctor.
  • Do not take lightly the withdrawal reactions and inform your doctor instantly.
  • It can be the reason of addiction due to the continuous use.
  • It can be more risky due to the use of the drugs and alcohol.
  • In start you may have problem in sleeping that is known as the rebound insomnia that is quite normal. You will get rid of it in maximum two nights.

Using these types of medicines is risky without the help of the doctors. Containing the side effects needs your special care regarding the dosage of the pills. Taking the medicine, irregular and the more than the prescription of the doctor will create problem for you. It should be taken with great care and under medical supervision for having better results and least side effects.

What effects leave the Restoril?

Dizziness is one of the vital side effects of the Restoril. For reducing the effect of dizziness rise up slowly if you are lying or sitting. Short term memory loss is the other effect tha may arise among the users while taking the medicine. It can create difficulty in coordination and slight mood swing have also been found among some patients

Your doctor knows more than you about the benefits of the medicine for you instead of the side effects. Follow the instruction of the doctor while taking the medicine. Do not do self-medications as well as do not stop taking the medicine suddenly or without bringing it into your doctor’s notice.

Reasons Why to take Restoril?

The person who is suffering from insomnia will often take more than 30 minutes to fall asleep. That person feels difficulty and disturbance in sleeping. The ongoing worries about sleep, intestinal and stomach distress, gastrointestinal tract, tension headaches, anxiety, depression, irritability, sleepiness, tiredness, daytime long sleep, not well rested in the night, awakening earlier with restless sleep, feeling difficulty in falling asleep are the signs of the problems.

If a person finds it difficult to cope up at work in the day, then it is best advise to consult doctor. The insomnia patients normally feel difficulty in sleeping and they cannot sleep in the night for many days. This is very critical situation for them and use of Restoril can help reduce the symptoms of the disorder to great extent.

What can make situation worse for the patients?

Irregular sleep habits, poor sleeping schedule, motivation for work before sleep, stimulating for work before going to bed, uncomfortable environment is the reason of Insomnia. Stress and pressure of work, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder can disturb you. Unhealthy medical conditions, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, stroke, overactive thyroid, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), lung disease, cancer heart failure and arthritis can also be the causes of Insomnia. Travel or working can impact on your sleep and some other conditions, including body temperature, metabolism guiding such things as your sleep-wake cycle, your circadian rhythms act as an internal clock will reduce your sleep.

If you are facing any one of the situations, then discuss it with your doctor. The use of Restoril is the best way to get rid of the symptoms of insomnia in the effective way. Beside using this medicine you must avoid the above mentioned situations. It will help you to be mentally relaxed and feel better.

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