Muscle Relaxants

Soma (Carisoprodol) (350 mg)

Carisoprodol is a muscle relaxer that works by blocking pain sensations between the nerves and the braind and is used with rest and physical therapy to treat injuries and other painful musculoskeletal conditions.
Soma (Carisoprodol) 350 mg - 30 Pills
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Soma(Carisoprodol) (500 mg)

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How Soma is effective to get relief?

It is used to for treatment of discomfort and muscle pain.In order to achieve the best and most effective results one should take it with the combination of physical therapy and also should consider to take rest and relax to expedite its effect to relax muscles and reduce pain.Always ue this medicine as per the instructions of your health provider as your doctor is the best person to access your condition and guide the dosage quantiy you may need. Providing the effective relief from the pain is the basic trait of this medicine. It secures you from the extraordinary pain. It is used for the treatment of the severe muscle pain and is for oral use only.

Signs to visit the doctor

The majority of the patients faces the muscle cramp in the legs especially in calf. Starting under the skin, it is the sharp pain that feels as hard lumps. The most important trait of this pain is that it starts suddenly and finishes off by its own but it needs a medical care although it is not serious. The obvious symptoms of the pain are that the pain happens frequently, related to the muscle weakness, skin changes, redness, leg swelling, discomfort and many more. These muscle cramps are normal but the pain tends to be severe at times. Having muscle pain is harmless because it is not a disorder but a sign of the other disorder. The major causes of the cramps are standing for a long time, strain on muscles, dehydration and the overuse of the muscles or working out in gym for longer times. Besides all these issues, mineral depletion, nerve compression, inadequate blood supply and other unhealthy diet can be the reasons of the muscle cramps.

Side Effects of the Soma

For raising the stamina it can be used, but due to numerous side effects doctors forbade to use Soma. It helps in expanding the circulating strain that is called the Hypertension. A patient faces unusual weakness and tiredness, sudden bleeding, swollen glands, sudden unconsciousness, white spots on lips and mouth, sores and ulcers if it is used quite frequently. Some patients suffer from sore throat, shortness of breath, difficulty and pain while urinating, muscle spasm, loss of bladder control and fever. Some other severe healthy issues that are caused due to continuous use of Soma are irregular heartbeat, cough, confusion, cold sweats. Chills, chest pain and black stool. The patient has to suffer many health problems by using Soma for long time.

  • The clients feel muscles packs.
  • It raises the heart rate of the client.
  • Users face, palpitations in the using of the medication.
  • The issue of the sleeping disorder can have happened because of it.
  • You can have dry mouth, heaving, and the tremors also.

Long term Side effects of Soma

There are some long term side effects that are harmful for the health. For providing relief from muscle pain, it expands the span of the muscle cells of the heart. Collagen is an inelastic material that is dangerous for heart because it can create problem in heart functioning. Heart pumping can get slower or may pump fast due to its usage. This is the reason of irregular heartbeat in patients that is known as arrhythmias. It can create the heart enlargement, heart stroke and other heart disorders. Using it as a stamina riser or using it for a long time will be harmful for health and your heart conditions as discussed above. It weakens the bone and can be the cause of the bone fracture.

It produces the wound infections in patients who have the knee or hip replacement surgery. The majority of them have to go for secondary surgery for treatment and to take the antibiotics for the infection of the wound. It is very critical for the patients who are suffering from the wound infection to get rid of the problem as it gets difficult for them due to taking this drug.


It is warned by the doctors that the patients who are suffering from kidney or liver problems should avoid this medicine. It should not be taken by breast feeding mothers or anytime during pregnancy. Patients who are taking the spinal injections must not use the medicine. In case of spinal surgery, they have to avoid it. Avoid taking it because it will increase the risk of blood clot formation. It can be the cause of permanent paralysis. Be careful if you are using Ibrphen, in this case Soma will be harmful for you.

Features of the medicine

The use of oral medicines is very effective in this regard because these drugs are very effective in reducing the muscle cramps. It can prepare you for healthy life in an hour. It gives you guaranteed and the best treatment. These are designed to provide you effective and great results but is always advised to talk to you doctor prior taking this medicine for any treatment of muscle pain.